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Many moons ago, a young lad walked through Cleckheaton market and saw a hand. A small, golden hand, as would befit an American president in a Russian hotel room. It was on the cover of Status Quo's "12 Gold Bars". The lad bought it, and a lifelong love of rock and metal was born.


I hear you shout. And rightly so. Well the lad was me you see, and while I'll never write a metal classic, and that bit on the last page about me being slack at learning guitar is true, I did play at Rios in Bradford and The Duchess in Leeds. I was the singer, the one that gets a̶l̶l̶ t̶h̶e̶  no action.

But, twas my dream to one day play at Download, having first gone in 1987, and in 2016, I DID! Yes in the comedy tent, but it still counts doesn't it? YES IT DOES!!!

Rio, Bradford 2000. That's the year, not the crowd size. That was 8.

Rumour has it Iron Maiden chose that particular name so they would one day appear next to me alphabetically on the Download website. That was nice of them.

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